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Dr. Larkspur Carroll performs chiropractic therapy on a racehorse

General/Scheduling Inquiries: 859.559.9115

Billing Inquiries: 859.338.2058

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if my horse needs therapy?

Every situation is a little different, but common reasons to seek therapy are: behavioral changes including it's attitude towards work, training obstacles, and obvious asymmetry in the body (muscle atrophy or hypertrophy). 

How often does my horse need therapy?

This is determined by the specific horse, horse show schedule, and severity of injury (in the case of complementary modalities). 

Can I ride them/take them to competition right after?

In the case of chiropractic work, we prefer that you give your horse 48 hours to allow the adjustment to settle. For other modalities, such as PEMF or laser, they can go right to work (so long as they don't have other restrictions during rehab).

How does scheduling work?

1. Give us a call to schedule your visit: 859.559.9115

2. We'll give you a date and a general time. Here is our usual schedule based on location: 

Mondays: Versailles

Tuesdays: Louisville & Churchill Downs Area

Wednesdays: Paris & TB Training Center

Thursdays: Midway & Georgetown

Fridays: Every other Friday South Lexington or Haul Into AppleRidge Farm

3. You'll receive confirmation of your appointment and timeslot the day before your appointment!  

What payments do you accept?

We take payment in the form of cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, and Credit Card (3% processing fee for credit cards may apply).

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