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Rehabilitation & Layups

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AppleRidge Farm

CORE Therapies works in conjunction with AppleRidge Farm, whose goal is to provide equine athletes with the four R's: Rest, Rejuvenation, Recuperation, and Refreshing. AR Farm specifically focuses on injury rehabilitation and individual medical case management. Our AR straff has the skill and tools to manage a wide variety of scenarios including complex medical and orthopedic cases to individuals needing time off or rest. AppleRidge, in conjunction with your veterinary practitioners and other professionals, will curate a plan that suits the needs of the individual horse.

AppleRidge Farm has a highly knowledgeable staff to assist horses back to work safely and successfully.

AppleRidge may use CORE Therapies to better address any needs on a case by case basis to assist in the conditioning and/or recovery process.


In addition to the therapies offered by CORE Therapies, AppleRidge offers:

  • Individual Turnout

  • Roundpens

  • Equigym

  • Shedrow (Handwalking & Light Exercise-Under Saddle)

  • Vibration Plate

  • Aquatread Therapy (Coming Soon!)

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