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‘Dr. Lark’ — at home in saddle and with holistic treatments of her patients

Most people would consider Larkspur Carroll a workaholic but she does not see herself that way. The Central Kentucky equine veterinarian views her career as another opportunity to be with horses.

“There’s nothing I do and no title I hold that feels like work or a job,” she said. “It makes any sacrifices to the social life and sleep worth it.”

Carroll-—known as Lark or Dr. Lark-—enjoys riding when not handling her four-legged clients’ needs. Her time in the saddle might be a trail ride at her Lawrenceburg farm, a jumping session with a show ring prospect or an exhilarating gallop aboard a racehorse at Keeneland, where she spends much of her mornings. The latter is especially important for her alternative therapies that include chiropractics and acupuncture...

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